Word of Wisdom

I Corinthians 12:7,8 …the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit… 

The baptism in the Holy Ghost is not just praying in an unknown tongue. It’s power! That’s what Jesus was talking about when He said, “Is anyone thirsty? Come unto Me and drink. I have rivers of living water.” These gifts are living water. They’re an answer for you or me or someone in the world, a river to someone who’s dry.

When you’re out and about, God’s going to help you attract people to Himself. Just be friendly and start up conversations with people and watch how He moves. He said, “Open your mouth and I’ll fill it.” You’re a light wherever you go and people need to know the Lord. I bet you’ve operated in the word of wisdom at times when you didn’t even know it.

When we’re baptized with His power and receive the abundance of the Holy Spirit, He’s the One that directs us. You can have an idea about somebody mentally; you can know something about them and you could say that, but God wants you to go in where the Holy Spirit is. You don’t want to just say a word that comes out of your own mind because it won’t bless the person. You have to discern where it’s coming from, whether it’s coming out of your mind or your spirit. It’s good to pray in tongues a whole lot; then it’s easier to discern where that voice is coming from.

Paul said, “Pray for me that I might have utterance.” Utterance comes from heaven. It may sound like it came out of the person or out of the Bible but utterance has power with it. To be able to go over into that realm and stay there, you have to be tuned up to God by praying in the Spirit. Why did Paul say, “Pray for me that I’d have utterance”? Because he didn’t want to come and just speak out of the natural. He said, “I don’t want to come to these people with words of my own.” He was very intelligent and the best student of the Hebrew language and the Law; he could have rattled off knowledge all the time, but he wanted the Holy Spirit to speak through him.

You can function in the word of wisdom and word of knowledge. You just have to be open to the Holy Spirit. It has to be more than a Bible reading to you, “Oh look here, here’s the gifts of the Spirit.” He wants to expose us to the gifts so when we’re out and about they’re not strange to us. The Lord might say, “Why don’t you pray for that one?” And with that unction, He’ll give you the boldness and the right way to do it.

Word of the Lord through Kenneth E Hagin: Speaking by the Spirit

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Sermon notes: Pastor Terry – Word of Wisdom

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