Pray for America

II Corinthians 6:1 (AMPC) Laboring together [as God’s fellow workers] with Him then, we beg of you not to receive the grace of God in vain…

This makes me think of being a prayer partner with God Almighty. We have a responsibility to pray for our president and leaders. Just like Moses needed his helpers, Aaron and Ur, to hold up his arms while the battle went on, we’re to hold up the arms of the president, vice president, those in the military, and all in authority. We will never know the pressure the enemy puts on those who hold authority, but we do know we can obey the Word of God and pray for them.

Satan is trying to stop the voice of the Church because we’re the ones Jesus, Supreme Head of the Church, delegated His power to. He said, “I’ve given all authority to you.” He gave us a very wonderful place, but the enemy will steal it if you don’t keep your thoughts on Jesus and do like it says in Joshua, “Meditate in that Word day and night.”

One of the most important things for us to meditate on is the fact that we’re in Christ Jesus. We have to rise up and remember who we are: supernatural sons and daughters of God. Satan will try to come and make you think you’re not good enough because you didn’t read your Bible, you’ve been watching too much TV, you wasted your time, you wasted your money. Does he do that to you? He tries to heap condemnation on you so you won’t open your mouth and speak with the authority that Jesus gave you.

In his book, The Authority of the Believer, John MacMillan wrote, “If we’re walking in the Spirit, our normal life is in the heavenlies. To secure the consciousness of this, there must be a daily acceptance of the fact.”

You have to make it known to yourself and to all the devils around, “I am seated with Him.” And if you’re seated with Him and conscious of it, He’s got an open line to someone. I just see the Holy Spirit hovering over the world, looking for someone that’s open, that’s not distracted – someone that’s free to hear Him and say what He wants them to say, or pray what He wants them to pray, or give what He wants them to give, or go do what He wants them to do.

As we continue to say and acknowledge, “I’m seated with Christ in heavenly places. Teach me, Lord how to exercise that authority,” every day reminding ourselves, gradually we’ll get it.

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