Our Covenant-Keeping God

Did you know that when you’re in covenant with God, there’s no impossible situation? But to access the power that’s available in our covenant, we need to wake up to who we are and take authority over satan. It comes in the full package when you surrender your life to Jesus Christ. He delegated His authority to the Church, His Body. So if there’s trouble, tell trouble where to go and don’t be dismayed. God can fix it…because He’s a covenant-keeping God.

Some people have been in a rut of difficulty so long their mind says, “I’m giving up on that.” Don’t you ever give up on anything! Don’t give up on anything that’s precious, because God will help you. Everything He has belongs to us, and everything we are He can use.

In this time we live in, I just don’t want to be without knowledge of who I am in Christ. We have to remember: when trouble comes, we have a covenant, we have authority.

Check out this sermon that talks about:

  • How unity puts us in position to access power
  • How to take our authority to overcome trouble
  • Why we pray for our president
  • How to stand on your covenant
  • Authority that comes in the salvation package
  • How to take authority over negative thoughts

Sermon notes: Pastor Terry – Our Covenant Keeping God

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