Meeting with the Holy Spirit

John 16:33 (AMPC) I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.]

Do any of those things ever come to you? Trials? Distress over what’s happening in your life, with your family, with your finances? Frustration? All those things are going to stop a free flow from the Holy Ghost.

The Bible says that in the last days the Church will fall away. I remember when Oral Roberts prophesied that there would be an unleashing of demonic power in the last days, to try to get the Church to stop pursuing God. Well, we’re in the last days, so if you’re a Christian, things are going to come to try to distract you. Satan’s trying to put a smoke screen in front of you. “Look at that problem, look at this problem” – instead of keeping your eyes on Jesus. Sometimes he brings circumstances that seem to SCREAM at us, to keep us from spending time with the Holy Ghost and in the Word.

So you’ve got to know what do. You have to see what’s going on and stand your ground. If you’ve spent time in the Word, when tests and trials come, up out of you comes the Word of God – not fear, not doubt, not unbelief. You’re so saturated in the Word that it always comes up.

In John 14:21 Jesus said, “The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]”

Sometimes I’m too caught up in other things and find that I’m not loving God with everything I have. I don’t know if that ever happens to you, but it happens to me…and we have ways to stop it. He said, “Cast your care on Me because I care for you.” “I’ll perfect those things that concern you.”  We show our love by keeping His command – trusting Him to take care of us so we can focus on Jesus and keep Him first.

There’s so much more He wants to show us, but if we get caught up in busyness and the things of life, we forget about Him. Let’s make a new commitment to make Jesus Christ king and master in our lives. Then as we meet with the Holy Spirit, we will see Him clearly and He will make Himself real to us.

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