Awakening – Message by Dr. Billye Brim

When Dr. Billye Brim ministered at The Wells in September, she talked about the 4th Great Awakening and the pattern we need to follow to get a Great Awakening, starting with prayer.

“To have to have an awakening, you have to be in 1 of 2 conditions: you have to either be dead or asleep. … It always followed like this: The Lord would move on the people to pray. The people who saw they needed an awakening would pray – I  mean they would really pray! – and then an awakening would come.”

“Revival is a visitation of God’s Spirit on His people. But an awakening is a time of such intense visitation that both Christian and non-Christian communities are affected. Revivals alter the lives of individuals. Awakenings alter the worldview of a whole people or whole culture.”

“Division and schism is what we’re seeing in our nation. … It doesn’t make sense except if you know that satan is making his last stand, and he’s going for his survival. So there are no answers for this country now except spiritual. We either get an awakening, or we’re in bad trouble. The awakening has to come through prayer, and it has to come through you and me. It has to be us stirred up to pray – and we won’t be satisfied with anything less. We have to get out of ourselves.”

“The glory of God’s presence is always the sign of an awakening. His presence rests on everybody… and convicts people of sin. … We can pray the very presence down in this nation, and we’re going to have to do it. … I know from studying all the awakenings, if we do what they did, we’ll get what they got. But every one of us will have to take it upon ourselves to do it – actually do the praying. Do you think we can do it?”

“I think an awakening is in the air. … This is what I believe will save America.”

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